Women &Cricket

Cricket is a sport synonymous with the Australian Summer. For generations we’ve sat glued to the TV, or our ears fixed on the wireless, as our heroes did battle with willow and leather. It’s a part of the rich tapestry that forms the cultural fabric of the nation. For the most part, it’s been male cricketers that dominated the media. Names like Bradman, Warne, Border, Gilchrist and Ponting were printed on headlines and regularly featured in news broadcasts. But in the last decade, we’ve seen the emergence of women’s cricket.

In a 6-part documentary series, host and cricket legend Mel Jones will bring to life the most influential characters and crucial events in women’s cricket. Game On! will give viewers an insider’s look at how the sport has evolved and the people responsible for its rise in popularity.

Told via firsthand accounts and intimate interviews, we will unearth what it is that makes the players tick and the various struggles they might have faced on their journey to success. We will also explore the most explosive and exciting moments in women’s cricket, from inventing overarm bowling, to the magic day where 86,174 people packed the MCG to watch the Australian women’s team win the T20 World Cup.

Episode 1:
Indigenous Australian Cricketers

It’s only fitting that our journey starts by exploring the connection the game has with the people who originally inhabited, and are still the custodians of, the land on which it’s now played.
You hear very little about Indigenous cricketers. There have been just a handful of Aboriginal Australians get beyond the club grade. In fact, over 60 years separated the arrival of our first Indigenous woman to wear the baggy green, and the second. But before delving into the story of those two remarkable people, it’s important we get an understanding for how the game has been embraced in Aboriginal communities.
Episode 2:
The World Cup

The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup is the sport’s oldest world championship, with the first tournament held in England in 1973 – 2 years before the first men’s World Cup. Of the 11 staged tournaments, Australia has won a dominating 6 titles. Each success has come off the back of key moments and shaped the destiny of those that played. In this documentary we will relive these events in detail, told through the firsthand experiences of those on the field.
Episode 3:
One Giant Step – WBBL

Dubbed ‘The tournament that kick-started a renaissance’ the Women’s Big Bash League saw a rebirth of the game and took women’s cricket to a whole new audience. Launched in 2015, with sports retailer Rebel as the naming rights sponsor, it brought about a rapid evolution in the perception of women’s cricket, and sport in general. No longer was it playing second fiddle to the men’s game.
Episode 4:
The Moments

The story of any sport is shaped by pivotal moments. A single ball can launch a player into the spotlight. A massive innings can transform a looming loss into a resounding victory. But some instances are more powerful than others. They don’t simply make the news headlines, instead, they create destiny. This episode is about the events that took women’s cricket to new levels of awareness, and the wider impacts the game has had on the perception of women’s sport.
Episode 5:
The Ashes

The Ashes is one of Australia’s most iconic sporting events. For any cricketer,  to don the baggy green is a dream come true. It’s under the pressure of this most prestigious event that many of the game’s legends have been forged.
Born in 1934, it wasn’t until 1998 that the test series was named ‘The Women’s Ashes’. In more recent times, a points system has been introduced, that takes into account One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 matches, as well as tests. This radical approach has been hailed a huge success and it’s widely believed that The Ashes could well reinvigorate test match cricket globally for women.
In this episode we will trace the history of The Ashes and delve into the key moments that have made it such a significant sporting event.
Episode 6:
T20 World Cup

Twenty20 cricket revolutionised the game in the same way one day matches did. And in 2009 there was the first ever women’s T20 World Cup. The Australian women’s team have been more dominant than any other, winning 5 out of the 7 championships played. These are the stories of the players that have provided some of the most memorable moments in our T20 World Cup campaigns.