About Us.

Game On! is a statement of intent. It’s two simple words with one powerful purpose – to inspire the next generation of female sports stars.
We’re only at the beginning of our story, but our vision is grand. Our hope is to shine a spotlight on the women that play, lead, coach and inspire in the sporting arena. Not just the heroes we see on our TV screens, but the rising talents, the people behind the scenes laying the foundations, and those participating in sports that are often neglected by the mainstream media.
We will be achieving this through powerful storytelling, shared via our broadcast partner Fox Sports, and across various other platforms. While it’s only early days, we hope you’ll come on the journey with us!

“Our purpose is to shine a light on those that have paved the way for women’s sport. The athletes, coaches, administrators and officials that have gone unheralded and unnoticed, to then inspiring and empowering the next generation.” – Mel Jones