Game on!

Women & Sport

No longer is it all about the boys. Today, women’s sports is starting to garner as much attention as men’s. These are the stories of the people and moments that have paved the way for future generations, as well as the current stars and events that continue to build the momentum.


Through the power of immersive storytelling and rich video content, we will bring to life the untold narratives of women in sport – educating, empowering and entertaining.


We’re a dedicated team that’s driven to showcase the incredible talent of female athletes. Beyond that, we want to help them grow in their professional and sporting pursuits.


This is the beginning of a journey that will see Game On! evolve into a platform that serves to educate, inspire and facilitate growth. If you would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you!


Our journey begins with a documentary about the Afghan Women’s Cricket Team and their resettlement in Australia. Following this up is a landmark television series that tells the story of women’s cricket in Australia.


Game On! is the vision of Melanie Jones – an inspiring role model and leader, with a passion for women’s sport and creating pathways for future champions.

“Sport can transform lives. At the grassroots level it can teach you valuable skills and build a healthy foundation for both physical and mental wellbeing. Take it to the elite level and it can create cultural change and inspire entire generations for the better.”


Contact us to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can come on the journey with us.